Introducing Genevive, a carefully designed collection inspired by the sophisticated and stylish woman - where timeless pieces are designed to fit into any modern lifestyle. Attainable luxury designed in New York City.
Luxury is not about price points - its about taking the time to design stylish and sophisticated jewelry that will fit the modern woman’s lifestyle. We challenged ourselves and took the time to go over every aspect of jewelry design using materials that are easy to source, while ensuring durability and quality. Because luxury is in the details.
Genevive was a vision that began to take shape more than 60 years ago. It was founded in 1950’s by European jewelers who eventually settled in New York City. With years of experience designing and creating exquisite jewelry, they realized there is a need for classic , cosmopolitan and carefully-made jewelry that  could be had by most women without sacrificing workmanship and quality.
Design Inspiration:
Genevive is inspired the the sophisticated cosmopolitan woman - strong and unique yet  feminine and elegant. Multi-faceted, she is versatile in whatever she chooses to do and wear while always coming back to the theme of being perfectly stylish at all times.